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New construction

New developments in the centre of A Coruña, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela.

  • Vigo

    New construction in Vigo with 42 homes of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms

    Reference: Ü1552

    New construction building located on Avenida Atlántida nº107-109, one of the residential areas highly demanded for its proximity to the beaches and its proximity to the city center. In a quiet environment, with access to supermarkets, schools and other services. Just two minutes from the well-known neighborhood of Bouzas and five minutes from the center of Vigo.


    Tipologías: From 2 to 4 bedroomsViviendas: 42more info
  • Oleiros

    Single family homes for sale in Oleiros

    Reference: Ü1574

    The residential environment in which it is located is one of the quietest and most familiar in the municipality of Oleiros. It also allows you to enjoy green areas, beaches, and sports areas, maintaining a good distance from the centre of A Coruña, where the journey time is an average of 20 minutes. Mera, where we have all the services, is just two minutes away.


    Tipologías: 4 bedroomsViviendas: 4more info
  • Pontevedra

    Sale of single-family homes in Sanxenxo

    Reference: Ü1585

    The privileged situation in the Ría de Pontevedra, the climate that is enjoyed in Sanxenxo and its 36 km of coastline with 17 beaches, 6 trails, 2 marinas and 2 yacht clubs, have made the town one of the most desired among tourists in the summer from all communities. The promotion is strategically located, being located at an average of 700 meters from the center of the town, beaches and marinas.


    Tipologías: 4 bedroomsViviendas: 6more info
  • Oleiros

    Sale of family homes with community garden and pool

    Reference: Ü1554

    It is a residential development located in a privileged location possessing a peaceful environment, close to some of the best beaches  with all services: schools, supermarkets and entertainment venues. In addition, it has excellent transport communications with La Coruña.


    Tipologías: With 3-4 bedroomsViviendas: 11more info
  • A Coruña

    Casa del Agua

    Reference: Ü1490

    A great opportunity to enjoy the city in a privileged environment, surrounded by many green areas, sports centres, medical services, schools and supermarkets, in a building surely to be a benchmark for quality and innovation in the city.


    Tipologías: 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroomsViviendas: 38more info
  • La Coruña

    Plaza Ángel Ron, 6

    Reference: Ü1412

    Porticada Square, which is located in the Maestro Mateo area, just a few minutes from the Plaza de Pontevedra Square, the seafront promenade, and Ciudad Jardín, an area that offers a quiet lifestyle in the city centre, with large green areas and all the services that you may need.


    Tipologías: From 1 to 4 bedroomsViviendas: 23more info
  • La Coruña

    Plaza Pontevedra, 2

    Reference: Ü1402

    Pontevedra Square is located between San Andrés Street and Pedro Barrié de la Maza Avenue, very close to the urban beaches of Riazor and Orzán; it is considered the epicentre of La Coruña, the commercial and financial area par excellence. It is a short distance from Lugo Square, where the boutiques of major fashion brands are located, as well as the famous market that gives its name to the square.


    Tipologías: 2 and 4 bedroomsViviendas: 5more info
  • La Coruña

    Fernando Macías, 23

    Reference: Ü1414

    In Plaza Maestro Mateo, the development Fernando Macías 23 is located in one of the most centric and sought-after areas of the city, a residential area by excellence due to its location, services and proximity to the seafront promenade and Plaza de Pontevedra, offering peacefulness and high-quality of life to its residents. 



    Tipologías: From 2 to 4 bedroomsViviendas: 11more info
  • Vigo

    Uruguay, 11

    Reference: Ü1403

    Calle Uruguay is located in the so-called Vigo señorial, the elegant area of the city centre, between the Church of Santiago de Vigo and the Plaza de Portugal, parallel to the streets García Barbón and Policarpo Sanz, which form the golden mile of Vigo's architecture. One of the quietest and sunniest streets in the centre of Vigo, it also enjoys a privileged location, surrounded by all kinds of amenities, just a few minutes' walk from the well-known streets of Urzáiz and Príncipe, the city's main pedestrian and shopping streets, and also just a few steps away from Vigo's financial district par excellence.


    Tipologías: From 1 to 4 bedroomsViviendas: 17more info
  • La Coruña

    Rey Abdullah 19, 21 y 23

    Reference: Ü1411

    Rey Abdullah is located in the Maestro Mateo area, just a few minutes from Pontevedra Square, the seafront promenade and Ciudad Jardín, a quiet area of the city centre that offers quality of life, with large green areas and all the services you may need.


    Tipologías: From 1 to 4 bedroomsViviendas: 70more info
  • Vigo

    Rosalía de Castro, 61-63

    Reference: Ü1404

    Rosalía de Castro is a residential street, it is centrally located with wide pavements where we can find all the basic services demanded by its residents, schools, health centre, leisure, and restaurants. The proximity to the Isaac Peral junction, the provisional train station, and the easy access to the AP-9 motorway make the last section of Rosalía de Castro street, which connects with García Barbón avenue, a privileged area to live in the centre of Vigo.


    Tipologías: From 1 to 4 bedroomsViviendas: 52more info

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