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Plaza Pontevedra, 2

An original building built in 1895 and completely refurbished yet maintaining the essence of the traditional buildings of A Coruña's urban expansion area, with galleries, high ceilings, and top-quality materials. You will have the privilege of living in one of the most important and central locations in La Coruña
Reference: Ü1402

  • Location

    Situated in the most convenient central location in La Coruña, right in the social and economic area of the city

  • Features

    Carefully selected premium qualities representing the highest standards

  • State/Condition

    Brand new

  • Price

    From 460,000 euros

Tradition and avant-garde in A Coruña's urban expansion area

The Pernas Varela Arquitectos Studio has designed this property development of five dwellings, a single dwelling per floor with large spaces in living and sleeping areas with three and four-bedroom, with a surface area of 167 m2 per floor and a unique dwelling on the attic floor.

This building, originally built in 1895, is located in the privileged surroundings of Pontevedra Square. It belongs to a group of buildings with a distinctive A Coruña character due to its traditional galleries of the period that are to be completely refurbished, preserving and enhancing the charm of its most genuine elements such as its original façade, its galleries, its high ceilings, its fine woodwork, and its original shared areas. All this without forgetting the comfort that will offer its constructive quality adapted to modern times.

Location details

Pontevedra Square is located between San Andrés Street and Pedro Barrié de la Maza Avenue, very close to the urban beaches of Riazor and Orzán; it is considered the epicentre of La Coruña, the commercial and financial area par excellence. It is a short distance from Lugo Square, where the boutiques of major fashion brands are located, as well as the famous market that gives its name to the square.


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Reference: Ü1402

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