The relationship established between Ünique Singular Properties S.L. and our clients is based both in the trust of an exclusive working method of the company and the security that all the information received in the commercialisation process is dealt with upmost discretion and confidentiality.


Data about properties, tax information, law or personal information will be classified and managed in accordance with the current protection data law and used with the initial aim of the sale of the property.


The transfer of data to a third party will be done with the aim of fulfilling the clients request, which should have been authorised previously.


 The client can check the information given to the company at anytime , as well as modifying or cancelling the use of it in the contractual framework established between clients and Ünique Singular Properties S.L.


Ünique Singular Properties S.L. is committed to ensuring a responsible use of the information that is given by the clients and return the trust given by our clients who have chosen our services.

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